JV Express Courier Tracking

JvExpressCourierProvide here tracking number to track JV Express Courier and find the status of your courier and parcel. This will tell whether delivery was done or not. Although formed in the year 2014, JV Express has become one of the foremost logistics suppliers of India. As a specialist in e-commerce field, the company has taken giant strides in this field. With the cost-effective logistical solutions for its customers in every part of the nation, it offers customized tailor-made solutions for their specific needs. As it has always tried to focus on the true needs of its customers, learning has always helped it to prosper in the long run. As a matter of fact, it has forever stayed consistent with the true service objectives of its clients all over the world.

You could track easily with the Air way bill number. It could give the most updated status of your shipments pending for delivery.

Track JV Express Courier


Cash on delivery (C.O.D) service -   JV Express logistics has always stayed ahead in giving cash on delivery (C.O.D) service. For those giving e-commerce service, JV express is the most trusted service giver in the industry. It could deliver the product at the door-steps of the buyer and collect cash to send it back to the shipper.

Prepaid delivery -  For those making prepaid purchases from the ecommerce sites, JV express could make deliveries at their doorsteps. It makes sure that no loss takes place for the prepaid purchases.

Reverse pick-up-  Being a specialist in reverse pick-up, it could take back the things delivered at the customers’ residences and send safely to the shippers.

On call service pick-up -  The buyers could lodge their requests for making on call service pick-ups.  Such a service helps in scheduling a pick-up from the buyers. This spares the buyers from missing the collection service pick-up.

Warehousing - For the items pending for deliveries in transit, JV express has the best warehouses, where it could store the items for long period without any damage.

Same day deliveries - As it has the best network, it could make deliveries on the same day within 24 hours of time. Such fast service is helpful in meeting time deadlines in the projects.



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