TCI XPS Tracking

Aramex CourierCustomers can enter the tracking number in order to track TCI express courier and find the status of cargo, freight and parcel online. As one of the leading divisions of Transport Corporation of India (TCI), TCI XPS is one of the most reputed concerns in the field of logistics. Founded in the year 1996, it has grown rapidly to become the best supplier of logistics in the nation with a network spanning across the world. As an independent organization listed in the stock exchange of India, the leader in logistics has grown leaps and bounds over the years. In its existence for the last two decades, it has served its customers with more than 2000 professionals through 13000 delivery points.

Track and Trace TCI Express

You could track with the help of your docket number and reference number. It could give you the exact status of your consignment in transit. Just enter the tracking number below to track TCI Express and it will show the live status of your parcel.

Surface Express : When speed is the sole thing, its surface express solutions are only the best in the world. With 3000 pickup and 13000 delivery points, it offers the best customized value added services that could work like magic for its customers.

Domestic Air Express : TCI Express offers round-the-clock services through its network by making time-sensitive deliveries. Through its speedy services, it delivers within the time-limit of 24 hours and in the A-class cities and towns across India, it makes deliveries within 48 hours.

International Air Express :  As it has connectivity with all the major ports in India,  TCI offers logistical support to 208 nations all over the world. Such services are available from 3000 service points in India.

Reverse express :  It also offers reverse logistics in effective and cost effective manner. Such services are available for transportation of goods from the location to the end-user to the location of the manufacturer.

E-commerce :  As a company, it offers all the facilities for making e-commerce deliveries.  Value added services like cash-on-delivery and other important ones are available for e-commerce deliveries.

Priority express :  Assured door-to-door prioritized delivery services are available with TCI XPS for urgent guaranteed deliveries across the specific  Indian cities. Such services come with money-back guarantees.



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